Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Brevard Cooling & Heating, Inc. can provide you with services, from maximizing your heating and air conditioning equipment with service and repair, to installations, to indoor air quality products, that will keep you and your family comfortable year round. Locally owned and operated, let us take care of your comfort needs with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and professional technicians, who are background checked and receive ongoing training to ensure they deliver the best possible air conditioning and heating services available.

Every customer’s individual needs are important to us and we will work with you to find the best possible way to your comfort needs.

Full Tune-Ups

Not your ordinary tune up, Guaranteed! This full system cleaning provides the best cleaning we have to offer at the lowest price possible. Designed to add years to your air conditioning system and lower your energy bill. Includes: *Evaporator coil sanatizing *Air Handler Sanitizing * Condenser coil rinse *Full electrical testing *Refrigerant balancing *Air flow balancing *Drain line cleaning *Wash and Waxing and more.

Quick System Check Ups

If you want to avoid future break downs and want to know how efficient your current system is running, then this is for you. Includes: *Refrigerant testing *Air flow balancing *Drain line cleaning, and *Full electrical testing!

Break Down Repairs

When you need a repair Morning, Noon or Night we will fix it right. Our Certified technicians specialize in repairing your air conditioner over replacing it. And we are always available 24/7.

Duct Santitizing

The Ducts in your home can have bio contaminants in it triggering allergy flare ups and colds. Using the latest technology, our duct fogging machine sanitizes your duct work. This sanitization process will help you breathe healthier air. We use an environmentally safe product that can be used while you are in the home.

Duct Cleaning

Ducts should be cleaned when debris has contaminated them. This debris can contain bio-contaminants, dust mites, and bacteria that you wouldn’t want to breathe in. The ducts in your home provide the air you breathe in your home. If you suspect you need a duct cleaning call us for a free estimate. And dont be fooled, not all ducts need cleaning we also offer free second opinions.

Air Conditioning & Heating System Installation

Your air conditioning and heating system is only as good as the way its installed. Our installers go through schooling staying up to date on the latest technology and techniques. We know how important it is to have a worry free air conditioning and heating system, and it starts with the installers. Our team is Random Drug-tested, Background checked, and Certified. We are dedicated to provide the very best comfort levels in your home.

New Air Delivery Systems (Duct work)

The ducts in your home delivery the air throughout your rooms providing comfort. Comfort levels are lost from improperly sized ducts. If some vents blow harder than others there is a problem with your duct work and should be checked by a certified technician immediately. Improper sized ducts can cause: your unit to stay on too long or turn off too early, blower motor failure, compressor failure, unit icing and more. We specialize in designing the perfect size duct work through heat load calculations throughout your home, providing the highest comfort levels in every room. With the right sized duct work, your air conditioning and heating system can save you a ton money.

Free Second Expert Opinion

If you already had a company come out and diagnose your air conditioning and heating problem, before you authorize any work call us for a free second opinion. We save people thousands by providing Honest Work and Honest Pricing. Why replace your air conditioner if you can repair it?

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