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Posted: June 17, 2020

Is My Air Conditioner Making Me Sick?

Brevard County residents have been extra cautious these last few months since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. These are nerve wracking times to many as they follow extra sanitization and social distancing procedures with not only the world, but their own family members as well. Worrying about catching a cold or virus has become commonplace for not only Brevard County residents but also for the rest of the world. You feel as if you are doing everything you can to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. You may find yourself asking; “what more can I do not get sick?”. You wonder this because you feel like you may be fighting colds often, but don’t get a ‘full-blown’ viral or bacterial infection. Perhaps another family member who resides in your home frequently complains of feeling stuffy or fatigued with no known cause.

The whole point of your HVAC system is to make you and your family feel more comfortable in your home as it not only cools but also protects the belongings within it. Unfortunately, when you air conditioning unit or other components of your HVAC system are not properly maintained, the result is poor air quality. The air quality in your home could be making you sick, fatigued and in more severe cases, can cause air conditioner illness.

Air conditioners and the cold air they provide are by no means inherently harmful. In fact, air conditioners are necessary and beneficial to countless individuals suffering from respiratory illness. The problem can start in the dark crevices of your HVAC system in the form of airborne allergens like mold, fungus, dust, bacterial/viral overgrowth. As these microparticles linger in your vents they can multiply rapidly, all the while they are circulated throughout your home, your respiratory system and are absorbed into your bloodstream. Symptoms include inflamed sinus passages, stuffy nose, throat irritation, dry/itchy skin, increase in asthma attacks, difficulty concentrating, allergies (new or recurring), fatigue and even flu-like symptoms in severe cases.

If you suspect you are feeling unwell do the air quality/HVAC system in your home, call us for an inspection. Our experienced technicians have seen it all and can help you turn the air quality in your home from poor to excellent. You may be able to say good bye to your allergies and fatigue for good!

Our Recommendations

Regular maintenance of your unit is always best practice, additionally we recommend air filtration improvements in combination with our high-output UVC lamps, polarized media electronic air cleaner and time-release drain pan treatments. Brevard Cooling and Heating offers the highest quality products available. In fact, our Series 3 FM and RM UVC lights are actually the most powerful residential UV lights currently on the market! These products ensure the air running throughout your home is sterilized and contains significantly lower amounts of airborne pathogens. Various types bacteria and viruses become sterile at different microwatt parameters, so we cannot guarantee 100% sterilization, but we can get you as close as you can be in a residential setting. What we do is assist you in strengthening your defenses against airborne illnesses; germs, viruses which includes the Coronavirus. Brevard Cooling and Heating empathizes with our community during these times. Contact us today for an inspection of your HVAC system and the air it produces.

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