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These easy to follow tips will help you maintain your air conditioning & heating system and potentially avoid otherwise unnecessary and costly repairs.

Saving on Cooling Cost During Periods of Inflation

Posted: September 7, 2022

You probably already know that costs have been on the rise for quite some time, from food, to fuel, to personal care items and more. Basically, everything has gone up making it harder to pay utility bills like power. Now this makes the perfect time to start planning your strategy to keep those costs as low as possible while still staying...

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Does Size Matter?

Posted: July 1, 2022

Many people have the mentality that bigger is better, but that isn’t true when it comes to buying a new air conditioning unit. When you decide to purchase a new AC unit, a lot of research is required to ensure you are making the best choice. There is more to take into consideration than the square footage of your home or business. You can...

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AC Tips for New Yorkers Moving to Florida

Posted: May 3, 2022

There are a ton of New Yorkers flocking to Florida. It may be a surprise when they discover their new home does not come with window units like many are accustomed to due to living in older buildings in the city. New Yorkers who have never had central air before may feel nervous, worried, or even anxious. If you never had central AC before, you...

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What You Should Know About Refrigerant Leaks

Posted: April 6, 2022

If your air conditioner is not functioning as it should, there is a good chance it could be due to an air conditioner refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak is a common issue, but it is an issue that affects the air conditioner greatly. If the refrigerant continues to leak, you may find yourself unexpectedly hot, sweaty, and irritable in your...

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

Posted: April 6, 2022

It is a blessing to live in a time where air conditioning exists, but unfortunately, your air conditioning unit does not last forever. If you have maintained your air conditioning unit by changing the filters and having routine maintenance done, your unit will typically last you between 10-15 years. Of course, that does not mean you will not...

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How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

Posted: March 9, 2022

Spring is not that far away. It will be here before you know it giving us warmer weather, longer days, and unfortunately, a lot of pollen in the air. The high temperatures can put more stress on your HVAC system, which can cause it to break down. If your system is not operating efficiently, it can make allergy season a nightmare for you in your...

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Signs of a Failing or Broken Heater

Posted: February 1, 2022

If you live in Florida, you are aware of the temperature drops we are currently experiencing here. You can bet there are many residents in Palm Bay, Florida, and the surrounding areas who will want to turn their heat on during these cold days. Since Floridians do not use the heat often, you may not realize that your heating system has an issue...

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How to Winterize Your AC Unit in Florida

Posted: January 9, 2022

Florida is not known for having harsh winters, but that does not mean the state does not experience the cold. Florida experiences significant drops in temperature during the winter months. Are you prepared for when that happens? Here are some tips to keep your AC unit working properly and your Rockledge, Florida home warm when you need it...

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Why is my AC Blowing Warm Air?

Posted: November 22, 2021

Although temperatures are slowly decreasing here in Brevard County, Florida, residents know that we still need to use our HVAC systems to keep our homes and businesses comfortable. Our units have worked hard throughout the scorching heat of summer which has caused a degree of wear and tear on the units’ components. Some types of...

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Energy Saving AC Maintenance Tips

Posted: October 27, 2021

For your HVAC system to function properly and efficiently throughout the years, regular maintenance is key. When regular maintenance is lacking, performance lowers and energy and costs increase. Time and time again we’ve heard from new customers over the years their unit went without maintenance for a long period of time.  Oftentimes...

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Air Conditioning Cheat Sheet

Posted: October 26, 2021

As a home or business owner in Brevard County, Florida, you rely on your HVAC system year-round for not only comfort reasons but for health reasons as well. Some refer to air conditioning as a complex convenience, and at times, caring for the system can be overlooked. Sometimes, important aspects of HVAC care are overlooked simply because they...

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5 AC Myths That Could Be Costing You Money

Posted: August 30, 2021

There are numerous sources across the web with varying information on best practices when running your HVAC system. At Brevard Cooling, we’re committed to providing professional services and a high-quality service team with the lowest prices around. We treat our customers as we would want our family to be treated, going above and beyond...

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4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Posted: July 26, 2021

As a pet owner, you know your pet is a beloved and cherished member of the family. Pets can bring years of memories that will last a lifetime, peace in difficult times, and companionship for children and adults. However, we all know that our beloved pets can also shed excessive hair and pet dander. If excessive pet hair/dander is left unchecked...

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Why Does my AC Seem to Constantly Run?

Posted: July 9, 2021

Residents of Brevard County, Florida know we can use our air conditioning systems all year round basically, and it is especially needed during the hottest summer months. It’s definitely not the best time to notice any type of issue with your HVAC system. This is one of the reasons why we recommend preventative maintenance. Getting your...

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How to Prepare Your AC Unit for Hurricane Season

Posted: June 9, 2021

Homeowners and business owners alike know how severe the weather can get here in Melbourne, Florida, and are familiar with preparing their homes for the annual hurricane season. We experience severe weather events and torrential downpours coupled with high winds that homeowners in other parts of the country just can’t relate to. We spend...

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Ways to Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer

Posted: May 10, 2021

The hot summer months we experience here in Melbourne, Florida are fast approaching. Although we can experience the hot and humid temperatures throughout the majority of the year, late May to September is the hardest to bear. It is during these months that we also experience the highest electric bills, which correlates with the higher...

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Preparing for new AC Installation

Posted: March 18, 2021

Your air conditioning system is malfunctioning, and you have come to the realization that it is time for it to be fully replaced. What do you do? Call Brevard Cooling and Heating at 321-757-9008 to schedule an appointment. Once the unit has been chosen and the appointment is made, there are several things you can do to prepare for the day to...

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Common AC Mistakes

Posted: March 8, 2021

In Florida, winter will be ending soon. People will no longer require the heat, and everyone will be back to using their air conditioning as the temperatures and humidity rises. If you want to stay cool, it is important to not make these common AC mistakes. Not Changing the Air Filter Changing the air filter is one of the most important parts...

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Why You Should Replace Filters and How to Choose the Right One

Posted: February 22, 2021

A functioning air conditioning system to cool our homes is not the only goal. It is also important to make sure the indoor air quality is also at its best. To help ensure this, you must understand that replacing your air filter should be on your maintenance checklist and should be done on a regular basis. Why Replacing Air Filters is...

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Is Your Furnace Ready For Winter?

Posted: December 28, 2020

Need Heating Repair or Maintenance in Brevard County? Call Brevard Cooling & Heating! Winter has arrived in Brevard and with it has come some pretty cold nights! While most days we still get to enjoy 70-degree afternoons and mild evenings, cold fronts will become more popular over the next few months meaning you will probably need to turn...

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Need help dealing with HVAC Industry Topics this Fall?

Posted: October 11, 2016

Now that fall is here, there’s no question that HVAC industry topics turn up in discussions about seasonal tasks for nearly everyone, especially those topics surrounding heating system issues. Here’s a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Convert to a Heat Pump If your home has not yet converted its old electric furnace to...

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3 Common A/C Problems & How to Fix Them

Posted: August 16, 2016

By now, your air conditioner has been humming for the better part of the spring and summer, and it’s not uncommon for air conditioners to start dropping like flies around this time, particularly those that weren’t tuned up at the beginning of the cooling season. One of Brevard Cooling & Heating’s busiest times of the year...

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Professional and DIY Cooling System Maintenance For Lower Energy Bills

Posted: June 21, 2016

The number-one way to keep your cooling system happily humming away all summer long is to stay on top of maintenance. The Department of Energy points out that a poorly-maintained cooling system may operate as much as 25 percent less efficiently than a well-maintained system, and it won’t cool you as effectively, either. This means that if...

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Readying Your Home for the Hot Season

Posted: June 17, 2016

With hot and steamy weather fast approaching, homeowners should take care to ready their home and HVAC system for the sunny onslaught to come. Brevard Cooling and Heating recommends prepping your home and air conditioning unit with the following tips. By keeping these ideas in mind, you can beat the heat and relax in cool comfort inside your...

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Top 10 Fast & Easy Weekend Projects That Will Lower Your Cooling Costs

Posted: January 15, 2016

Florida summers are nothing to sneeze at, and Melbourne is collectively holding its breath in dread of the electricity bills to come. High energy costs plus heat and humidity equal astronomical cooling costs, and if you’re ready to beat the heat and save tons of money at the same time, clear your schedule for the next couple of weekends...

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Respiratory Illness? Breathe Easy at Home with These IAQ Tips

Posted: January 15, 2016

Did you know that Americans – even those in Palm Bay – spend 90 percent of their time indoors? And did you also know that the air inside the home is two to five times dirtier than the air outside? In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has found that the air we breathe at home is one of the top five environmental hazards. And...

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Lower Your Holiday Energy Bills With These Tips and Have More Money For the Things That Matter

Posted: December 28, 2015

The winter holidays are a time of joy and fellowship–not to mention festive lights, smooches under the mistletoe, and bellies full of Christmas cookies. But there is just one downside to December, which is that household energy bills can increase significantly enough to make you consider easing up on the giving just a bit, but that’s...

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How to Choose the Best Air Filter in Rockledge

Posted: December 15, 2015

It won’t be long before it’s time for Brevard County residents to turn on the cooling system to keep the Florida heat and humidity at bay, and that means it’s time to schedule your annual system tune-up to ensure everything inside is clean, lubricated, tightened, and inspected for potential problems later in the season. The...

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How to Lower Your Water Heating Costs

Posted: November 20, 2015

Brevard County residents are always looking for ways to save money and protect the environment. We recently talked about how regular HVAC maintenance can help you do both, but your furnace and air conditioner aren’t the only appliances in your home that drive up your energy bills. While cooling and heating account for about half your...

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Is Your Home’s Air Making You Sick? How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted: September 11, 2015

The Environmental Protection Agency identifies the air inside the home as one of the top five environmental hazards. And in fact, the typical home’s air is much dirtier than the air outdoors, and that can pose a serious problem when it comes to managing respiratory ailments like asthma, allergies, and COPD. The air in your home contains...

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Sweltering in the August Heat? These Tips Will Help You Keep Your Cool

Posted: August 14, 2015

August in Florida feels like taking a hot bath in the tropics. Its muggy, oppressive heat saps your energy, and you can work up a healthy sweat simply stepping outside to check the mail. Perhaps the worst part about the heat is the exorbitant electric bills that result from running your air conditioner at full blast 24/7. According to the...

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How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Posted: July 20, 2015

If you frequent the sauna at the gym, you know exactly what life without air conditioning would be like in Florida. How the early settlers in Brevard County managed to do anything but lie around lethargically fanning themselves is a mystery, but happily, times have changed, and a house without an air conditioner is about as common in our state...

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Trouble Brewing: Tips to Troubleshoot Your HVAC System

Posted: May 8, 2015

As one of your home’s most essential features, your HVAC system requires important maintenance to ward off potential problems. Sometimes, however, problems can sprout up between scheduled maintenance checks. For this reason, it’s important for home and property owners to obtain a well-rounded understanding of their HVAC system and...

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Tips to beat the Florida Heat

Posted: November 22, 2013

The Air Conditioning System in your home is very important. As this Florida heat sets in, the air is able to hold high amounts of moisture and can make any normal day feel well in the hundreds. Having your Air Conditioner and Heater checked will prevent future breakdowns and save you money on your Cooling and Heating bills. There are many Health...

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Cleaning your drain line

Posted: June 19, 2013

Air conditioners dehumidify the air as a byproduct of their cooling method. As they dehumidify, they remove moisture from the air and drain it through a condensate drain. Over time, this drain can become clogged with dirt and debris and needs to be cleaned. There are various ways to clean out an air conditioner condensate drain (ac drain line)...

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Air Conditioner Air Filter

Posted: June 14, 2013

Q: How often should you replace your air conditioner air filter?Simple! When they’re dirty. Changing your air filters can depend on several factors: the overall air quality of your home the type of air filter you are using occupancy of the home pet hair and dander the level of air pollution around the home  Every 6-12...

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Helpful Hints: Drain Leaks (Air Conditioner Drain Leaking)

Posted: June 13, 2013

Q: How much water does an air conditioner produce? A: An air conditioner can remove gallons of water every day. The exact amount will depend on the humidity percentage of that day and usage. Warmer climates with higher humidity will produce higher amounts of water. The more you run your air conditioning, the more water it will...

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Homeowners – Air Conditioner Basic Checks

Posted: March 20, 2012

Most of the time, any homeowner can perform some basic checks on the air conditioning system that is not working. Check to see if your breakers are tripped. We live in Florida, Flicker, and Flash. These types of surges can cause a simple breaker to trip.

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