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Posted: January 9, 2015

There are different types on solar products available for air conditioning units. The two main products are solar PV panels and solar assisted tubes. Both are designed to save us money:

1) A solar PV (Photovoltaics) panel uses the suns energy to create electricity. When these panels are put onto an A/C system the electricity that is being created go to the A/C and any extra electricity being generated goes back into your home. If the A/C turns off then 100% of the created solar electricity feeds the home. This product is the same as putting solar panels on your home. So the energy created by solar A/C panels and solar panels are the same. These systems can increase the value of your home. Currently there is a 30% tax credit for solar installations. This 30% tax credit can be applied to the A/C unit when a solar panel is added. Each panel added will increase the air conditioning units SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). We install Solar A/C systems and offer free estimates.

2) A solar assisted A/C uses solar tubes to “super heat” the refrigerant by the suns energy. This super heated liquid refrigerant is claimed to make the system more efficient. This system is still 100% powered by your electric meter and only assisted by solar. A 30% tax credit can be applied only to the solar tubes. There has not been enough data to support actual savings and/or an accurate comparison for return on investment for us to install this product. We will continue to research this technology and update as advances take place.

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