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Posted: August 16, 2016

3 Common A/C Problems & How to Fix Them

By now, your air conditioner has been humming for the better part of the spring and summer, and it’s not uncommon for air conditioners to start dropping like flies around this time, particularly those that weren’t tuned up at the beginning of the cooling season.

One of Brevard Cooling & Heating’s busiest times of the year for repairs and replacements, mid-summer is a good time to give your A/C some TLC. Replace the air filter, hose down the outside unit and remove anything growing within two feet of it, and make sure your vents aren’t obstructed by curtains or furniture. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, your A/C will see you through the cooling season without any trouble. But if you do experience a problem with your system, it will likely be one of these three most common issues, and here’s what you can do about them before calling for service.

Problem 1: The A/C is blowing warm air.

If the air coming out of your vents feels like a warm breeze, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure the thermostat is in cooling mode rather than heating mode, just in case. If the fan setting on the thermostat is set to “AUTO” rather than “ON,” remember that this means your fan will be blowing air even when the air conditioner isn’t in cooling mode.

  • Check the air filter in your system and replace it if it’s dirty. Restricted airflow can dramatically reduce the amount of cold air coming out of your vents, and it can lead to expensive problems with the outdoor unit.
  • Dirty coils can also cause your A/C to cool inadequately. If the coils are covered in dust and grime, they won’t efficiently remove the heat from the air that moves over them. You should hire a professional to have your coils cleaned.
  • Low refrigerant is another possibility. Without adequate refrigerant, your A/C won’t be able to properly remove heat from the air in your home. A refrigerant leak must be repaired by a licensed HVAC professional and the system topped off with more refrigerant.

Problem 2: The A/C isn’t blowing out much air at all.

If there’s not enough air coming from your vents, you likely have an airflow problem. Without adequate air flow, your system can’t cool your home properly. A dirty filter is the number one culprit when it comes to airflow problems, and it can quickly lead to other more serious (and expensive) troubles with your A/C.

  • Check the air filter and replace it if it’s dirty, and make sure your vents and air returns are unobstructed.

Inadequate airflow can cause the indoor coil to freeze. If you notice condensation on the outside of your indoor unit or see ice buildup on the outdoor refrigerant line, you coil is likely frozen and you should turn off your system until it thaws.

Problem 3: The condensate drain is clogged.

When warm air from your home moves over the indoor coil, the humidity in the air condenses and drips into the condensate pan to be drained through the connected hose. A clog in the condensate drain hose–typically caused by debris like pet hair, algae growth, or insect nests–can cause your system to shut down, and it can lead to water damage and mold growth in your home. If your condensate drain is clogged, Get a wet-vac and go outside and hook up to the drain line and turn on go back inside and remove the cap on top of the drain line and combine two cups of boiling water and one cup of vinegar and pour it into the drain to try to flush .

Your best defense against these and other common A/C problems is the annual tune-up, which includes cleaning the system, tightening electrical connections, checking the refrigerant level, and testing the controls of the system to prevent breakdowns.

It’s never too late to get your system tuned up, and in addition to helping prevent common operating problems, your air conditioner will operate more efficiently and cool more effectively, saving you money and increasing your comfort level.

If your system isn’t working as well as you feel it should, contact Brevard Cooling & Heating for more troubleshooting advice or to schedule an inspection and tune-up.

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