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Posted: August 30, 2021

5 AC Myths That Could Be Costing You Money in Melbourne, Florida

There are numerous sources across the web with varying information on best practices when running your HVAC system. At Brevard Cooling, we’re committed to providing professional services and a high-quality service team with the lowest prices around. We treat our customers as we would want our family to be treated, going above and beyond our competition.

Even if you’ve owned your home for some time, you may be surprised that some of the information you believe to be true about running your HVAC system is actually a myth, let’s take a look at some HVAC myths.

Air Conditioning Myths

1. Keeping fans running keeps the room cooler. Some people believe that keeping the fan running will help keep a room cooler. Fans are utilized to keep people within the room cooler; however, they don’t affect the temperature of the air.

2. Turning off the AC when you're not home will save you money. We hear this one often, new customers come to us and say they turn their air conditioner off before they leave for work, and back on again when they return home. By doing this, it causes the unit to work harder when it is turned back on because it has to work harder to cool the home. Instead, we recommend just raising the temperature a few degrees before leaving for work. Yes, it will run during the day while you are away, but essentially the same amount of power is being used with either option. The difference is the wear and tear being put on your system every day.

3. Close the vents in the rooms that the AC is not needed in. Closing the air vents to certain rooms where you feel the AC is not needed is a myth. A myth that could potentially put stress on your HVAC system by causing pressure to build in the ducts because the air distribution can be out of balance.

4. Bigger AC units perform better and allow for better results. This is a common misconception. However, when the unit's capacity is too large for a given space, it can lead to a variety of issues. For one, the air in the home may become moisture filled, giving a damp feeling to the air, which can lead to mold growth. Additionally, the compressor could be forced to turn on and off much more quickly, which puts stress on the system and can wear the component out quicker.

5. Your home will cool faster by turning the thermostat way down. Whether you set your thermostat at the coolest setting possible or at a higher degree, it will run at the same pace. This happens as long as it is properly working. The best way to save money on the electric bill is by keeping the inside thermostat setting to the closest temperature outside, within reason obviously. The thermostat should be set to just a few degrees difference from day to night. Example running the AC on 64 degrees at night and 78 degrees in the day isn’t optimal, while 73 degrees at night and 78 degrees in the day is a better money saving option.

Call the Brevard Cooling team today if you have any questions regarding the HVAC system for your Brevard County, Florida home or business. Our technicians are ready to assist you should you need a service appointment, maintenance check or have an HVAC emergency.

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