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Posted: March 9, 2022

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

Spring is not that far away. It will be here before you know it giving us warmer weather, longer days, and unfortunately, a lot of pollen in the air. The high temperatures can put more stress on your HVAC system, which can cause it to break down. If your system is not operating efficiently, it can make allergy season a nightmare for you in your own home. Now is the time to make sure your HVAC system is ready, so your air conditioner does not leave you hot and sneezing. Here are some tips on how to prepare your HVAC system for spring. 

Change AC Filter. Changing the AC filter is the easiest, but one of the most important tasks. The air filter is used to filter the indoor air in your home or business. Be sure to check your air filter every month and replace it between 30-90 days. When it is time to replace, consider shopping around for a filter with a higher MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating, if the one you currently have is not very high. The higher the MERV rating, the better it is at filtering. Do not worry if your air filter does not have a high rating. Your air filter will be able to grab pollen and dust mites, which is important during allergy season. Just remember a dirty air filter means the air inside your home is dirty.

Check the Ductwork. You can inspect the ductwork to make sure there are no cracks, gaps, or holes. If you find any, your air is escaping. According to Energy Star, about 20-30 percent of the air that moves through the ducts is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. We advise you to contact an HVAC company to assist you with duct sealing. If your ductwork is older and has not been cleaned, you may consider duct cleaning. Duct cleaning is recommended to be done every 5-7 years. 

Clean Your Outside Unit. When you do your spring cleaning make sure you do not forget the outside unit. Your outdoor unit should be free of overgrown grass. Make sure that plants and trees are not planted too close to the unit. Remove any branches, twigs, leaves, trash, or other debris surrounding your unit. 

Upgrade Your Thermostat. If you have not upgraded your thermostat, consider upgrading it before spring. A programmable thermostat will allow you to set the temperature during the day, night, when you are sleeping, and when you are away. A programmable thermostat will help you save energy. 

Schedule a Tune-Up. Just because your air conditioner is working does not necessarily mean it is operating efficiently. Call an HVAC company you trust and schedule a tune-up immediately. The Florida heat is no joke! Do not be a victim to the heat. 

Brevard Cooling and Heating is a trusted company that provides quality service. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience. Please contact us today at 321-757-9008 or use the form to schedule an appointment. We will inspect your unit and ensure it is ready for the spring. 

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