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Posted: February 1, 2022

Signs of a Failing or Broken Heater

If you live in Florida, you are aware of the temperature drops we are currently experiencing here. You can bet there are many residents in Palm Bay, Florida, and the surrounding areas who will want to turn their heat on during these cold days. Since Floridians do not use the heat often, you may not realize that your heating system has an issue. You can help you and your family stay warm and safe during this winter by learning some signs of a failing or broken heater.

- Your heater is making strange sounds. If you are hearing anything more than a buzzing sound, that is often a sign that something is not right. If you hear a whistling sound, it could mean something is obstructing the airflow. Check your air filter to see if it is dirty and needs to be replaced, and make sure the vents are not closed. It could also mean something is stuck inside the ducts or there is a blocked return. A squealing sound may indicate an issue with the bearing, belt, or motor. Rattling and loud banging sounds may indicate issues with the ducts. Rattling sounds may mean the ducts are loosening and banging sounds may mean there is a part of the ductwork that is weak. A loud boom may be a delay in the gas ignition. If the gas cannot be ignited, it just builds up inside the heater and could create a small explosion.

Strange smells coming from the heater. The smell of dirty socks or mildew typically comes from a heat pump and may mean there is a lot of bacteria in your coils. Rotten eggs or sulfur normally come from gas furnaces, which can indicate a gas leak that could cause a fire or explosion. A burning electrical smell could indicate a failing motor or frayed wires, which can end the life of the motor or cause an electrical fire.

The heater shuts down randomly. Some heaters have built-in safety features to prevent fires. The heater will prevent fires by shutting down when it detects a problem. It may shut down due to something minor such as a dirty air filter, dirty pipes, or clogged coils. It may also shut down due to major issues such as a broken control board or shoddy wiring.

Electric bill is high. If your system is not functioning properly, it will drain the power as it struggles to keep your home warm. If your heater continues to run inefficiently, your system can shut down completely. Review your power bills and keep a record of past bills to help determine if there is a significant jump.

- Your house is not warm. If you have to keep adjusting the temperature on your thermostat and you are not getting any warmer, that is worrisome. First, be sure to check your circuit breaker, the power source, and that the thermostat is set correctly to confirm these are not the cause of your heating problems. If that is ok, it is safe to say you have a broken heater.

Florida does experience cold weather and sometimes you do need the heat. If you have not scheduled heating maintenance or experiencing any of these issues, Brevard Cooling and Heating can help. We can make sure everything is clean, identify any issues, and make any necessary repairs. Let us help you stay warm when Florida does not feel like Florida anymore. Please call us at 321-757-9008 or schedule an appointment by using our form.



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