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During this time of crisis, we at Brevard Cooling understand how important it is to take all the necessary precautions in aiding in the defense of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. Although many businesses are closing due to the Novel Coronavirus, Brevard Cooling will remain open for as long as possible to make sure our customers get the services they need.

We are checking all employees to ensure their body temperature is in the normal range. All our service technicians are required to wear gloves when entering a home. All employees have been instructed to stay home if they show any signs of illness. All employees are instructed to wash hands frequently and maintain daily standard hygienic practices recommended by the CDC.

Being Proactive During This Global Pandemic

In addition to these practices, we recommend being proactive by having a high-output UVC introduced to your HVAC system to purify your air. It is very important to understand that not all UVC lights will sterilize the air in your home. The products we carry are the most powerful residential UVC lights on the market, producing the highest sterilization and kill rates available. A UVC lamp that has been properly installed improves the overall quality of your air as well as reduces the likelihood of contracting any viruses.

We can’t completely eliminate the possibility of infection from a virus, but we can build up your defenses to combat viruses, germs, or any airborne illness with a high-output UVC lamp and electronic air cleaners. Call us today for a free estimate on an HVAC upgrade - (321) 757-9008

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